Mission & Philosophy

Miami Conservancy District (MCD) is a pioneering organization at the forefront of flood protection, water stewardship, and recreation since 1915. Established after the disastrous 1913 flood that caused widespread destruction and loss of life in the Miami Valley region, the organization's founders recognized the urgent need for a coordinated approach to managing the region's water resources and preventing future floods.



Our Vision
Thriving communities, a healthy watershed, and a higher quality of life, sustained by well-managed water resources throughout the Great Miami River Watershed.


Our Mission
Protecting lives, property and economic vitality within the Great Miami River Watershed through an integrated and balanced system that provides unfailing flood protection, preserves water resources, and promotes enjoyment of our waterways.


Our Values 

  • Commitment to the Great Miami Watershed
    We are mindful of our mission.  We realize what we do is crucial to the health of our region, and we are devoted to providing value to the people we serve. 

  • Stewardship of the Public Trust
    We carefully and responsibly manage the resources entrusted to our care. 

  • Honesty and Integrity
    We strive to be recognized as an organization with the highest ethical standards and integrity. 

  • Teamwork and Cooperation
    Teamwork is critical to our success. Trust and mutual respect for each other’s responsibilities, functions, skills, and experience are essential. 

  • Engineering Excellence
    Efficiency and effectiveness in providing flood protection, water and land preservation and recreational opportunities to enhance the region. It requires continuous learning, collaboration, adaptation to a changing world, and actively pursuing emerging technologies to ensure MCD’s systems are resilient and will not fail. 

  • Continuous Improvement
    Exceptional contributions by individuals and teams are critical to our successful performance.  Contributions at all levels will be appreciated and recognized. 

  • Communication
    Open, candid communication flowing in all directions is the norm.  We emphasize listening as a critical component of effective communication.