The Ohio Revised Code outlines how conservancy districts are funded. The Miami Conservancy District (Main District) and two subdistricts (Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict and River Corridor Improvement Subdistrict) are individually funded, and the funds are not interchangeable. Miami Conservancy District can also receive funding through grants, agreements and other sources.

Main District – Flood Protection

Properties that flooded in 1913 – and are now protected by the integrated flood protection system – pay an annual assessment calculated on several factors. The assessment is calculated by multiplying a benefit and rate. Miami Conservancy District’s level of protection is designed to store a flood equivalent to the Great Flood of 1913 plus 40 percent.

Since property values can increase or decrease over time, the Miami Conservancy District periodically performs a Readjustment of the Appraisal of Benefits to make sure the cost to maintain the flood protection system is equitably distributed. This ensures that individuals and counties are not paying more than their fair share in the distribution of the assessment fees. The Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C. 6101.54) allows conservancy districts to regularly readjust the benefit amount - but no more than once every six years. 

Learn more about your flood protection assessment.

Subdistrict – Aquifer Preservation (Water Stewardship)
MCD’s work in preserving water resources is funded by an assessment paid by each of the nine counties participating in the Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict.
Subdistrict – River Corridor Improvement (Recreation)
Communities pay an assessment for maintenance of recreation amenities in their city, township or county. The amenities include bikeways and river activity areas – with improvements such as low dams, portages, river access points, and parking lots.