Groundwater Programs

Groundwater Quality
To provide a better understanding of human impact and trends related to groundwater quality, samples are analyzed as part of a groundwater quality characterization program. The groundwater quality monitoring network consists of 12 monitoring wells located in the buried valley aquifer. 

Groundwater Monitoring

To track changes in water availablity including precipitation, runoff, and groundwater levels, data is collected to estimate water inflows and outflows for the Great Miami River Watershed upstream of the Hamilton stream gaging station, an area of more than 3,630 square miles. 

Collection of groundwater data helps the Miami Conservancy District evaluate trends in water quantity entering and leaving the watershed, as well as trends in aquifer storage. The information can be useful for planning related to water supply, flood protection, construction, agriculture, commerce, and industry. 

Our groundwater level monitoirng network includes 95 observation wells. Data collected is published on our website and can be found here.

Reducing Stormwater Runoff Impacts

Thoughtful community land use planning and development are critical to protecting water.

MCD assists communities like Springfield, Ohio, in integrating water protection into their land use plans, zoning codes and subdivision regulations. Springfield hosted a Site Planning Roundtable, bringing together key stakeholders that represent local government, development and natural resources. MCD guided the stakeholders through a consensus process with the goal of agreeing on the development rules best suited to balancing water protection and economic development. The updated development rules reduce the amount of impervious cover, increased natural lands set aside for conservation and used pervious areas for more effective stormwater treatment. In addition, the City of Springfield created several wetlands to naturally treat stormwater runoff.

MCD in partnership with local sponsors can provide resources and assist communities during all phases of a Site Planning Roundtable.

Protecting Land Over The Aquifer

MCD works with many communities to protect floodplains, preserve green space and stream corridors in the Great Miami River Watershed. For example, projects were completed in partnership with Warren County, Monroe Township in Miami County, and the City of Tipp City. These projects permanently preserved 1,000 acres of green space and 22,000 feet of floodplain and streambank along the Twin Creek and the Great Miami River.