Englewood Dam


Englewood Dam is an earthen embankment located across the Stillwater River in northern Montgomery County near the City of Englewood. U.S. 40 goes across the top of the dam. Construction of the dam began in February of 1918 and was completed in December of 1921.  

The dam has two concrete conduits through the base of the embankment near the center of the valley. The conduits are sized to discharge floodwater at a rate that can be handled by the flood protection levees and channels downstream. The remainder of the floodwaters are temporarily stored behind the dam and released over time. An emergency spillway is located in the right abutment at the west end of the dam. 


Englewood Dam Statistics

  • 4,716 feet long
  • 110.5 feet high
  • 739 feet wide at dam base
  • 3.5 million cubic yards of earth in the embankment
  • Two concrete conduits
  • Each conduit is 709 feet long, 10.5 feet high and 13 feet wide.
  • The spillway is 100 feet long.
  • Volume of concrete in the conduits is 66,800 cubic yards.
  • Drainage area above Englewood Dam is 651
    square miles.

Elevation and Hydraulic Information

  • Elevation of the dam is 892.5 feet above sea level.
  • Peak elevation Probable Maximum Flood is 888 feet above sea level.
  • Spillway elevation is 876 feet above sea level.
  • Peak Elevation Official Plan Flood (OPF) is 873 feet above sea level.
  • Elevation where storage begins is 783.5 feet above sea level.
  • Peak discharge for OPF is 12,000 cubic feet per second.
  • Time to empty the storage area after an Official Plan Flood is 28 days.
  • Water stored to the spillway would inundate 7,930 acres of land upstream from Englewood Dam. The 312,000 acre-feet of water would extend along the Stillwater River 23 miles to Bridge Street in Covington, Miami County.

The City of Englewood operates production water wells downstream of the dam and east of the Stillwater River. The City’s wastewater treatment plant is located downstream of the dam, west of the river.

Directions to Englewood Dam