Darke County Commissioners Collaborate with MCD to Enhance Water Management

Greenville, Ohio, May 9, 2024 – The Miami Conservancy District (MCD), in partnership with the Darke County Commissioners, is spearheading a comprehensive initiative to study water resources in Darke County in response to recent concerns about groundwater levels, drought conditions, and a drop in aquifer levels. Through a series of targeted programs and activities, this collaborative effort aims to better understand the county's water resources for the benefit of its residents and businesses.

"Water is our most precious resource, essential for life and livelihoods”, emphasized MaryLynn Lodor, general manager of the Miami Conservancy District. “By offering these comprehensive services across the watershed, the Miami Conservancy District reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding and enhancing water quality and quantity for the benefit of all residents and businesses. Our collaborative efforts underscore the critical importance of proactive water management in ensuring the resilience and sustainability of our communities."

The Miami Conservancy District can provide Water Stewardship programs and activities through its Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict. Darke County is the 10th county to join the partnership that includes Butler, Clark, Greene, Hamilton, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Warren.

A comprehensive summary of all water data collected in Darke County will be published in an annual report, submitted for review by the Darke County Commissioners. This transparent reporting mechanism ensures accountability and facilitates informed decision-making regarding water resource management.

Commenting on the initiative, Larry Holmes, Darke County Commissioner said, "By leveraging the expertise, resources, and partnerships of the Miami Conservancy District we hope to better understand our water resources and ways to manage our water for the future."

In addition to the water monitoring program, MCD can now offer additional services to Darke County, including:

-          Private well water testing for county residents at free "Test Your Well" events, in collaboration with local agencies.

-          Technical assistance on water resource issues, encompassing maps, studies, planning, and research.

-          Establishment of strategic partnerships with federal, state, and local government agencies offering funding programs for water-related issues.

-          Support for educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness of water issues among the public.

Formed in 1995, the Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict, overseen by the Miami Conservancy District, is dedicated to developing and maintaining ongoing, watershed-wide programs in support of water resource protection, management, and understanding. Activities are shared among the counties included in the subdistrict, with funding sourced from private or public grants.

About Miami Conservancy District

The Miami Conservancy District is a regional agency dedicated to flood protection, water management, and conservation efforts in Southwest Ohio. Since its establishment in 1915, the district has played a pivotal role in safeguarding communities and natural resources from the impacts of flooding and other water-related challenges.

Posted on: May 09, 2024